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“Cowabunga, baby!”

PHOTOSHOOT:  “Cowabunga, baby!” – MODEL:  Ceci Gutiérrez – LOCATION:  Greenfield Industrial Park (Lancaster, PA) – DATE:  July 20th, 2016 – CAMERA:  Sigma SD14 –

“Strawberry Sweet, Pt. 2”

– MODEL: Yes D – … This photoshoot was done at two locations in Wyomissing, PA. The first half, of which you’ll see at a later date, was taken by the park trails near Wynnewood Park Apartments. The second half of the set seen here was taken further down the street into a nearby neighborhood…


– MODEL: Abby Sue – …I discussed with Abby a few concepts I had in mind and this is the one we went with.  She helped me with a few articles of clothing and I took care of the rest (mainly the shirt, socks, hat and belt).  I wasn’t sure that the balloons would work with this particular outfit.  We gave it a shot nonetheless and things turned out decent…

“Pagoda Passion, Pt. 1”

– MODEL: Jani Sal – …This is the first half of the set. Most of it was photographed on the lower level of The Pagoda… The second half was shot closer to the main structure with Jani’s hair in pigtails. Expect to see that half in a few months time after I’ve completed a few other sets beforehand.